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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Is it hot in here or is it just me??

Hey all, I'm posting from what feels like the hottest place on earth. No I'm not in the Mohave desert (although the landscape is pretty dry this time of year) I'm up in "the country" still. Just wanted to give an update since I haven't had a chance to post for a couple of days. Also, I wanted to say thanks for sticking by me and my incredibly long posts as of late. I am really getting the hang of this "blogging for therapy" thing.

Ok, lets start with where I left off. On Tuesday, the day was partially wasted on an incompetent dentist office (Access Dental) but I'm getting ahead of myself. For those of you keeping track, I did get up early (6:45 am) to make the 2 hour trek to Sac for my big day. I was VERY nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out. I had a bad feeling about it. The day started off on a light note (partially) when my dad looking out the bedroom window yelled "Ree Ree's got another Lizard" and takes off for the door. I would like to say that my father sprinted but he is a big guy with a bad knee so he kind of hobbled. He had left the back door open for the cats and didn't want another reptile in the house. He and I managed to beat her to the door and she dropped her prize on the carpet outside. Turns out it wasn't a lizard, but a small field mouse. Now ree ree loves to play fetch with those fake furry mice. I will throw them for her and she will retrieve them for me to throw again. Its very cute so imagine her surpise when she dropped this furry mouse at my feet and I screamed. She was very confused. When I picked her up and the mouse scooted off the back porch she was more than confused, she was pissed. That was the second time in two days I had let her prize get away. What kind of mamma am I? She jumps out of my arms and runs off to pout. We finish getting ready and load into the car (after the requisite mother/daughter drama and fight). We got to Sac at about 9:30. I had a dr's appointment at 11:30 and was supposed to be at the dentist at one (or so I was told by LeMorse who got the confirmation call the day before). We worked on getting my stuff together in the house and seperating some of the stuff that hadn't been seperated yet. It is not exagerating to say that my mom is a little bit upset by this whole situation. In fact, sometimes I think she is more angry than I am. I am not sure how to explain this, but we heard about it a LOT that day. The initial dr's appt went well and when we got to the dentist at 10 to 1 they told me I wasn't supposed to be there until 1:30. We wait around in the middle of Florin Rd (ghettoville of Sacramento) and have a conversation or two with some of the locals then they finally call me back at 1:45. Thats when they proceed to tell me that they have to refer me to an oral surgeon (something they could have told me 3 weeks ago BEFORE I took the week off work!) for two of the teeth and they would prefer that I get them all done at the same time. I was so pissed off at them I wouldn't have let them touch my teeth if they paid me so I walked into the waiting room and told mom we were leaving. Needless to say, she was not happy with the whole situation (still) and my dad had just left to go load stuff at the house and had to turn all the way around. We hadn't eaten so we stopped for Taco Bell (not a good idea considering the two hour ride we had and the propensity of TB to cause gas....ewwww!) We got back to the apartment to load the still unloaded furniture and I called the walrus. He was getting off work about then and I didn't have the energy to deal with the scene that would have ensued if he had shown up. Turns out he was running late and wasn't going to be able to stop by anyway. When we finally finished and got everything we could loaded onto the truck we climbed in to drive back. Unfortunately, it was now rush hour traffic so it was hot, the traffic was crappy, and I was worried that something was going to fall out of the truck (it was stacked pretty high) As we were driving down the freeway I looked over two lanes and saw what looked to be my Aunt and Uncle driving down the road. What a small world. So my dad honks at them, she looks over and recognizes him, but doesn't recognize me. Two minutes later she calls his phone and demands to know where my mom is (she was in the backseat). My aunt thought my dad was driving down the road with another woman! Wow, he must like them young :-) Or maybe I just look old. Either way, it made the mood lighten a bit in the car and we actually made it back home in record time (given the horrible traffic that we were in!)

As it turns out I may have been destined to take the week off regardless of the unsuccessful dental appointment. I applied for a job as a customer service/claims processor up here in Chico on Monday and they had me come in on Wednesday for an assesment test. I guess I must have done pretty well because the lady asked me to come back later that afternoon for an one on one interview. When she had finished asking me her questions in the second interview (about 45 minutes) we discussed my current situation and she asked if I would be available to come back for a manager interview today at 2:30. I said of course and she said we might as well do the drug testing now so that you don't have to make another trip down here. They did the drug testing with a little swab and I packaged it up to be sent off for testing. I came back today and the interview was very short, maybe 15 minutes. I should hear back about the job in the next few days. On the positive side it could mean that the interview was just a formality and that they were very impressed with me or it could mean that they had all the information they needed and didn't want to waste anymore of my time because they didn't want to hire me. I am leaning towards the more positive (I know its unusual for me, maybe its the prozac talking ;-)) I hope that I get it because I have come to believe that this is the best place for me at this point. I am comfortable enough to know that I have the support of my friends no matter where I am, and it will be easier to focus on me in this new environment. Thanks to my mommy for helping me to see this. Its going to take a bit of effort but after talking to Cjristina last night, I am feeling much more confident in my ability to juggle out of area friends and a new start in life. And I am getting closer to Seattle with each move so who knows how long before I make it there after all :-)

Well, I am going to let my mom have her computer back since we are sharing a computer line at this point(have I mentioned I hate dial up?). Hope all is well with everyone! Ta Ta for now!


Avery's mom said...

congratulations to your hunter kitty! and the poor mouse escaped...that's so classic!
Glad things are going good for you. youre waking up way early for a dentist and still getting nothing acomplished. good grief! I hate my dentist except for when he gives me the gas, Then I think he's the greatest man on ear :)

Shan'Chelle said...

He's the greatest man on ear huh? How many men do you have on your ear??? :-) Actually, we did get my stuff moved so I guess the day wasn't a total loss...