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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Interview

Well, I had the interview today. It turned out to be pretty much what I thought it was, a "sales" type job, but maybe that is what I need. Basically I would be recruiting people for financial services. I am still not sure that this is what I want to do but the interview went well and they really seemed to like me. We will see. I am going to keep looking and keep this in the back of the mind. I have never considered myself a good sales person, and I really wanted something that wasn't commission based but the setting my own hours part of the job is very attractive to me. Its not like I have anything to loose!

I officially made my dentist appointment for next Tuesday at 1:30 and am getting very nervous. It still amazes (and worries) me that this is going to be free and calls to mind question of the dentist's qualifications. I am sure I'm just overreacting. Let's hope so at least.

Well, I am officially at a loss for what to write next. I guess that might mean its time to wrap up and go pack some more crap (and clean the kitchen!! It's pretty gross...) I'll type at ya later!


Avery's mom said...

You could always give your Dentist a Tipp....wouldnt that be funny if Doctors relied on tips,,,their malpractice probably wouldnt be so high

Shan'Chelle said...

yeah no kidding...I'll give him a tip, you hurt me and I hurt you :-)