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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Is it the weekend yet?

All week I flip flopped about going down to Stockton on Friday night to see the opening of my friends' show. Thursday night I decided that I was feeling really good and that if there was any time that I was going to be able to get through seeing this show, it was now. Let me just say, I am really glad that I did. Everyone treated me so nicely and really helped to make me feel comfortable in a potentially awkward situation. It was awesome.

The drive from Chico was a killer. I got off work at 5 and set out. It was kind of slow moving being Friday night but when I got to Sacramento it was completely STOPPED and we crept along at about 10-15 mph from South Sac all the way through to Lodi. I was very irritated by the morons on the road but I managed to get to the theatre by 7:30. I walked in and one of the first people I ran into was the ex. We hadn't talked in several weeks since I told him that until he learned to grow up and take care of himself that he shouldn't bother to contact me. Needless to say, it was a little uncomfortable being in his presence. Well, not only that but I had been needing to go to the bathroom since Elk Grove. When I got that taken care of I came out to buy my ticket and saw that they weren't taking credit cards. I was like DAMN I didn't have a chance to go to the bank. So I ran across the street to an ATM that wouldn't take my card. Luckily there was another ATM just down the street. After walking down there I realized that I didn't remember my pin number (I just got a new card and hadn't changed to my normal pin yet) so I couldn't get it to give me anything. Ended up having to borrow money from a friend in order to get in. That made me feel icky.

The show itself (Picasso at the Lapin Agile)
was really enjoyable. Everyone did a really great job. I had some issues understanding what Einstein was saying but the part was still well acted. Christina is phenomonal, and my friend Acting Golfer who plays the lead was really awesome too. AppleAnnie's portrayal of the role was really honest. I totally related to her. Shawn is only onstage for 3 minutes but he had more lines and character than he's had when he has been the lead in some of the shows that I have seen him in before so I really enjoyed that as well. I couldn't even believe that my friends James and Rich had come into rehearsals so late. They were great. Rich's energy really added a lot to the show, and James nailed his character. The man who played Gaston was hilarious and with Christina stole the show I think. There were the opening night glitches of course but overall it was a good show. I would recommend it to anyone. After the show we decided to go out to eat since we were all REALLY hungry. We ended up at Lyons on Ben Holt (the normal late night stop) and found IT WAS PACKED....I was already starting to really resent people and this did not help. We got seated very fast but soon began to think that the waiter was avoiding us. He even came to take our order and then just walked away in the middle of talking to us. It was really quite comic.

After dinner we retreated to our favorite hole in the wall bar. It too was PACKED and it was HOT and it was LOUD. Overall, not a very enjoyable evening. To calm my nerves I decided to have one drink and couldn't even finish it. About a half an hour into the night I got REALLY tired. I felt almost like I had been drugged. I knew then that it was time to leave, I wasn't doing anyone any good being there (except maybe Shawn who was in full karaoke mode!) and I had to be up early for orientation and I was determined not to be late or miss it because I really wanted to take this class!

This morning I managed to get up and out of Christina's house by 7:45 am. I made a pit stop at the drive thru Starbucks for a Chai Latte and let me tell you, I don't know if I was fiending for caffeine or if they put crack in my chai but it was REALLY good :-) Christina lives about 45 minutes from the school I was going to and even with my stop I managed to make it there with 15 minutes to spare. I did not know exactly where I was going and the business office where they have maps and computers and such was not open yet. I decided to explore, and found a place that had free maps on the door but the map did not have a key. I took a look and found a building labelled "B". Well the class was a business class so I figured, that must mean Business. Now it was still early in the morning for me, and I didn't take into account that this building looked very small even on the map. I wandered around campus for 20 minutes and finally figured out that "B" stood for boiler room. By this time I REALLY had to pee and I was now late for the class. I headed all the way across campus to where I started out and found that the business office was now open. I checked the room # for where I was supposed to be going and found out that I was heading for building BS for "Business Services". I found a bathroom and headed out to find the class. I finally found it at 9:30 and walked in. The teacher turned to me and said "are you here for the 10 am orientation, we will be done in a few minutes" Mind you, this is the same teacher that sent me the following e-mail the other day:

Ms. Davis:

Please do come to the 9-10:50 a.m. orientation on Saturday, August 13. You do not need to change classes.

I look forward to seeing you.


I have come to the conclusion that this teacher has spoken to my family and friends to know that if you want me to be on time tell me to be there an hour earlier than you expect me. A little embarrased I decided to make a trip to the bookstore to figure out how much the books I needed were going to set me back. I checked out the book for another online class I am taking and decided that I would try to find it online. I broke down and bought the book for this class today (it was 60 bucks) because I knew that I would probably have homework due next week and didn't have time to wait for the book to be shipped. While waiting for the current class to let out I had a nice conversation with one of the girls that was in my class. I didn't expect the orientation to take the whole 2 hours but it did. After the class let out and finally finding a gas station (I realized that I wasn't going to make it to where I thought I would get gas when I was in the middle of nowhere and was luckily able to make it 10 miles out of my way to find a gas station) I was on my way home. When I got there I got some lunch (hadn't really eaten anything yet except for a granola bar left over from my lunch yesterday) and laid down to rest. 4 hours later I was being woken up for dinner which I wasn't hungry for so I moved into my bedroom while the whole family (my aunt and her family, my uncle and his family, my grandma and her "friend", and my parents) was visiting. Now, here I am awake with nothing to do. I have to be up early for family pictures. In the words of Christina's character "Awww....I HATE having my picture taken!" At least I'm looking better than I did when we I last had my picture taken.

I leave you with a quote I got from my teacher on an e-mail she sent. Hope all is going well for y'all.

Some people have nothing to say,
but you have to listen a long time to find out.


Cjristina said...

BM in the BS room? The mind boggles. ;-)

The Acting Golfer said...

cjristina could never steal a show from me. Ha Ha (evil laugh). It is my show not hers. Now I am hurt. Oh well I see, I have to pee.

LeMorse said...

I am very glad you enjoyed the show. It was good to see you. The second night I screwed up big time but if you are ever gonna screw up on stage you need Christina and Joe to be the ones who are on stage with you. They are amazing aren't they.

Shan'Chelle said...

Christie, the circles never cease to amaze me. Joe, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just related more to Christie's character.....Picasso's kind of a prick :-P Yes, you are both fantastic and I am lucky to be able to call you my friends :-)