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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a living

It has occurred to me on the second tuesday of my new job (which at this point is a lot like school because of our training class) that I am REALLY not liking the 5 days a week 8 hours a day work thing. It is exhausting and I can't seem to find the time or motivation to do anything else. I REALLY hope that I can get into some kind of routine because I don't know how long I can keep this up. I don't think that it would be as bad if I wasn't sitting at a desk all day, or maybe if I was on a nursing schedule of 4 10 hour shifts or 3 12 hour shifts so I actually had some time in my life for myself. I don't know why but today I felt very worried. All day I had this feeling of dread that I couldn't shake. I hope that doesn't last either, though I am gearing up for a rough week. I forgot to stop and refill my prescription before I came home this weekend and I am out of pills so I am going to be a complete witch for the next couple days. Maybe I will refrain from posting for that period of time so you guys don't have to experience it. My poor parents have no place to hide though :-) I have a half day on Thursday and even though I don't have the money for gas I think I am going to have to go down to Sac to get my refills while I still have that insurance. Unfortunately I couldn't get an eye appointment so I can't take advantage of getting a new pair of glasses in time....drat! I did end up getting a new library card today and took out some books. I got a book written by the author of the book the new movie "Must Love Dogs" is based upon. Its pretty good so far. My grandma came over for dinner and we laughed about how I have always been a reader. I was potty trained with a book so I always feel compelled to read while going to the bathroom. When I was older I would take a book everywhere we went and could often be found laying behind the couch reading (I have grown more claustrophobic as I get older I have found, probably because I have gotten heavier/bigger as I got older and have more breathing problems now) Anyway, thats all I really have to ramble about for the moment. I will be posting a Top 15 of my own as soon as I finish looking up the lyrics. The top 15 coincides with the surviving the breakup cds I made which I refer to as "Black and Blue, pieces of my heart" because I burned (all songs were legally obtained) them on the color CDs that a friend of mine gave me. I thought that was pretty clever myself but I'm easily impressed these days now that I live in the middle of nowhere ;-) I am still finding the lyrics cause I want to post them on here so it will take me some time to actually find the time to do that! :-) For now, I leave you with a quote that I found today that I really enjoyed:

When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment, or let the moment define you.
–Tin Cup


Cjristina said...

Great quote. I'm glad to see you have finally updated this blog. OK so we spent the weekend together. You know how addicted I've become to reading other's thoughts. From one claustrophobic bookworm to another....define the moment!

Annie said...

I love the quote, but it makes me want to cry that it is from "Tin Cup"! I hate that's such a man thing at the end when he hits the ball into the water over and over and over again...of course it brings my golfer dad to tears, but my mom and I roll our eyes and think "why not just take a safe shot and not add 18 strokes to your score, jackass!" I think that pretty much personifies the difference between men and women though. Hope you are doing well!

Brookelina said...

Hey Shan - thanks. ;)

Shan'Chelle said...

Cjristina - I will work harder to keep everyone apprised of my every thought...sorry for slacking ;-)

Annie - I didn't really care for the movie either. I never knew why but I think that you have hit the nail on the head with your reason. I am doing well, thanks for your comment! :-)

Brooke - No problem at all :-)

still_figuring_out said...

the quote is beautiful!
and i grew up reading as well. yup, even in the toilet, where the circumstances are, err..not so pleasant :)

hey, thanks for linking me. i will do the same, if it`s cool with you.

Shan'Chelle said...

Still Figuring - nada problemo...I just got fed up with my blogroll and put the links back. Its funny because if you couldn't find me as a kid you would first look in the bathroom (even if it had been a long time and I had only went to go #1) or behind the couch....I was a weird child

nutty said...

Nah, post away. We can deal without the meds. It will give us something to compare you to.

Shan'Chelle said...

Well looks like we won't have to worry about it Undies...I managed to get a 3 month supply when I went down to Sacramento to get my car looked at. I have been driving ALL day.....I can't wait for the weekend!