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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dorito's Big Shave

Hey all, I just realized that I forgot to upload the before and after pictures of Ree Ree from when we had her shaved (not really shaved but cut really short). Also, in cleaning I got to thinking about the puppy that the Walrus and I saved from the pound. We lost sweet layla girl at the beginning of this year (and the year has certainly lived up to the way it started let me tell you!). I thought I would include a before and after picture of her when we bathed her. Stinky breath and all we loved her!

Lounging Around

Lounging Around "Closeup"

Watcha lookin at?

"Something's different...."

"I just can't quite put my paw on what it is...."

"Hey! Where'd all my fur go?????"

"Hmmm...I hope these people clean me up and feed me soon"

"Ahhhhhh this is the life"


NewYorkMoments said...

Pets are the best!

Shan'Chelle said...

Yeah they really know how to make you feel better without even trying!