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Friday, October 28, 2005

Scared of the dark?

So the weather here finally got managable for me. It started raining earlier this week and has been overcast and about 50 degrees since then. Its great, I love it! Dorito on the other hand is less than amused. We have been forceably trying to keep her in the house as the rain pours down outside and the dusty red dirt turns to mud. She has had a permanent scowl on her face since Wednesday. This evening after getting out of the shower it was my turn to scowl. My chubba kitty had managed to squeeze past my mom and get out the front door. Not only is it raining and muddy outside, but it is also nighttime which is a big no no for her. There are coyotes up here and my scaredy cat doesn't have the sense to hide from them. So after my deliciously hot shower I was more than ready to fall into bed. Instead I got to traipse out into the cold...dark....muddy forest of trees on the spooky mountain. I had my flashlight and am typically not really scared of being up here but something outside tonight had me freaked out. I made my way down the hill to the trees she usually hides in. The steam rising from my skin and escaping through my mouth and nose as I breathed. The sound of crunching gravel ceased at the edge of the driveway and it was eerily silent. After standing for a some time sweeping the flashlight through the darkness that lay in front of me while calling out for the chubba brat cat the hair on the back of my neck raised up and I felt as if someone was watching me. I was far enough away from the house to know that nobody from inside could see me. I turned to walk back (half expecting to run headfirst into someone or something) so that I could check the other side of the house. I couldn't shake the feeling that somebody was watching me and I realized that I was currently in the role of stupid girl in the horror movie that runs into the killers trap. At that point I thought forget you ree ree, if you won't come in I'm not going to be killed trying to find you. Luckily Ree Ree was more scared than I was 'cause when I got back to the house she was standing at the back porch. Will that stop her from trying to escape again tomorrow night? Probably not...just like the dark spooky mountainous forest setting will not keep me from chasing her down again....its just what we do!

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween this weekend! :-)

Here's the Story of the Day:
Equal Treatment
Why do they treat us like children? they said & I said why do you treat them like adults? & their eyes opened wide & they began to laugh & talk all at once & suddenly everything looked possible again.

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NewYorkMoments said...

The things we do for our pets!