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Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh great, thats exactly what I wanted to find out...

Thanks to Horchata I now know that my barbie doll is a transgendered one. It doesn't even look like an EXECUTIVE transvestite, I'm bummed.

Which dysfunctional Barbie are you?

Transgender Barbie

You're a little confused, but that's not gonna stop you from saving up for your sex change. You like to party and make single, young men extremely uncomfortable.

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Cjristina said...

S/he could be an executive transvestite with the right boobs.

Cjristina said...

I'm Gangsta Bitch Barbie! How scary is that?

Sidebar~The code I had to type in looks like the name of a medication for a chronic dysfunction of some type. Phridtol. What do you think it cures? What do you think are the side effects? Just wondering.

Shan'Chelle said...

I think that is the medication that my barbie needs to complete it's sex change. What do you think? hmmmm....

NewYorkMoments said...

OK, I got the transgender barbie, too.