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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The day of a thousand dr's appointments

This was actually two days ago, but I was lacking motivation and energy so it has taken me until now to actually write about it. Tuesday was my half day at work so in order to take full advantage of it I scheduled three doctors appointments that day spaced about 1-2 hours apart. I'll let you know how they went, and you will see the effect that the sleep deprivation from only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before worsen as the day went on. All in all I got a lot done, but of course I left the last appointment with more appointments to be made.

The Optometrist

Most of you probably don't even know that I wear glasses I do in fact need glasses for reading and working on computers (I also like to wear them when I go out because it keeps the cigarette smoke out of my eyes at the bar....ok so I just think they make me look cute SUE ME!) Anyway, since the ones I have been wearing are two years old and aren't really helping anymore I decided to take advantage of my kick a$$ new insurance and go get them ($330 appointment and all I paid was 30 bucks!). I got off work at 12 and didn't have to be at the doctor until 1 so I stopped for lunch. The office was literally 2 minutes away from work so I figured I wouldn't have any trouble finding it. WRONG! I quickly found out I had forgotten the list of addresses and information I made for myself at home and only luckily was able to call them because I had used my cell phone to make the appointment and the number was still in the dialed calls log. Ok so I actually make it to the appointment on time, fill out all the paperwork and go back for my exam. At one point I had to use the restroom and was looking all around to find one. When I asked the receptionist it turns out I was standing in front of the bathroom door. I felt really embarrased and made some self-depreciating comment about needing to learn how to read. Without missing a beat the lady said "don't worry honey, thats why your here....we will get those glasses expedited for you!" FUNNY! All in all the staff was very nice and the doctor was friendly so that all went smoothly. Well between the paperwork, the exam, and the picking out of new frames I realized that I was going to be late for my next appointment. Not only that, I had no idea where I was going and I also didn't remember the doctor's last name. The staff was nice enough to let me use a phone book and I managed to find her (luckily) name address and phone number. I paid my copay and headed out to be poked and prodded by the next stranger...

The Internal Medicine Doctor

I don't know about you but when I get new insurance I am never really sure about how to find a good doctor. Nobody at work could really give me any solid referrals and the provider directories the insurance company gives you are pretty much a game of chance. Well this time I got lucky. I picked this doctor out because she graduated from the University of Washington and I am in love with Seattle. I knew nothing about her and I wasn't having very much luck calling the offices of other dr's in the directory (one lady told me "we don't do check ups, you have to have something wrong with you to see the dr when i told her i wanted to have my annual physical and was a new patient). After I left the optometrist on Tuesday I headed straight for the address I had written down out of the phone book. It was if "destiny" was guiding me there because I turned to soon (or so I thought) and all of a sudden I saw that the driveway was right in front of me. SCORE! I went in and the receptionist was very friendly. One thing I noticed about both of the offices at that point is that they weren't very busy. That is shocking for someone coming from Kaiser Sacramento where there is always at least an hour wait. It was a very nice feeling. One thing in particular that I really liked about the registration process at this doctors office is that they give you one condensed form for insurance rather than having to fill out 10 forms with the same information and then they give you a simple one page sheet where they ask you to write down your medical history AND why you have come to the doctor. I don't think I have ever gone to the doctor where they have had me write down why I am there. Doctors are intimidating people (especially when you are overweight) and I have always left the office having not addressed one of the issues that I went in there for. As for the doctor herself she was fabulous! So nice, caring, and genuinely concerned. I had been preparing my speech based on my past experiences with doctors ("Yes I know I'm fat, but thats not the problem can you please actually do you job and check me out?") and NOT ONCE did she ever mention my weight during our visit. It was such a relief. She did end up upping the dosage of my medication so I am going to give it another try, but she also made me set up a follow up appointment rather than just saying if you don't feel its working in 6 months give me a call.....I left very pleased.

I actually got out of that appointment with time to spare so I called mom up to see if she wanted to meet me somewhere in Chico. She hadn't eaten so I hung out with her while she had lunch after dropping off my prescription. Then it was on to my third and final appointment of the day...the dentist!

The Dentist

Well to be honest it was actually the dental hygenist but it was still at the dentist's office. By this time (4:30 pm) the fatigue was becoming more apparent. So much so that I had to call the dentist office 3 TIMES in order to find it. The first time I had to get the address and they gave me general directions. The second time I had gone way the wrong way and they had to get me back on track, and the third time I was driving around in circles in dowtown chico (1 block from their office) and just couldn't find it. Luckily they had sent my the paperwork that I needed in the mail and I had already filled it out. They took my right back and they informed me that they were going to clean me and document the general health of my mouth. I had just had a deep cleaning 6 months ago (after not going to the dentist for 2 years) so I thought it wouldn't be that bad. I WAS WRONG! My teeth are actually very good for the little amount of dental care they have received but my gums are another story. I think I must have lost at least a half a cup of blood while she was poking and prodding and cleaning my teeth. Mind you my dental insurance in Sacramento was through Access Dental and I could barely get them to take care of my teeth, much less my gums. After all was said and done I left with my goodie bag (it was so nice to go to a real dentist again because I love getting free stuff!) and an appointment to come back for an exam so that I can get set up to have my wisdom teeth out, won't that be a fun way to spend the holiday season!

I have more to say but I think I will continue on a seperate post to give anyone who made it all the way through this drivel a bit of a break! :-)

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