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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ok...thats it. I've taken all I can take and I am not going to fucking take anymore. I am really fucking tired of being asked if I'm a stalker or told that I take things to heart. I just want it to stop. I don't need or want the protection you hypocritical bastards have to offer. Get off your moral high horses and take care of your own lives, god knows it needs the attention more than I do anyway! I moved to get away from this shit and if you don't care enough about me to be a real friend I suggest you walk away and never look back.

I am also tired of people telling others that I take things seriously so you better be careful what you say to me, because its bullshit. That brings up a good point that Christina "why is taking something that affects you seriously considered wrong anyway?" Maybe people don't understand it because they don't have a heart? I don't know. The people saying this know who they are and also should realize that you don't know shit about me, nor do you give a shit about me so stop pretending that you do its getting really old. I didn't ask for anybody's advice, so why don't we try something novel and not give it. As for the stalking, you aren't worth the price of gas so I wouldn't waste my time.

Thirdly, I'm really fucking fed up with being accused of knowing stuff that I shouldn't. I am a really observant and intelligent person but it doesn't fucking take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusions that I do, or to remember what I'm told. For LeMorse....Christina doesn't tell me shit because she doesn't want to hurt me anymore than I already am. Everything I know is because you fucking told me over the last three years. Just because you don't remember doesn't mean you didn't, and just because you think you have only told other people (while I'm sure there is a lot of stuff this would be true about) your deep dark "secrets" just goes to show your delusional and paranoid, not just delusional. You need to get over yourself and deal with your guilty concious rather than worrying about what I know and don't know.

Its not me who has the problem, its you who are the problem so if you don't want me in your life stay out of mine. Don't fucking make people think you are avoiding me or trying to hide from me when the truth is that you aren't except when people are around. Then you get off on making people believe I'm crazy and psychotic.

To those of you who think I'm crazy and psychotic, you ain't seen nothing yet. Try me...


Cjristina said...


Avery's mom said...

crazy? psychotic? you? noway! :)
you are simply human and it's a beautiful thing to be able to FEEL things. it gives color to our world. not to mention that is probably why you are able to remember shit...because you experiance life to it's fullest (and because your brilliantly observant)
your 'friends' dont need to get off their high horses...they need to get thrown

Shan'Chelle said...

Christina, thats how I feel too! :-)

LOL Thanks Robyn...see, drama isn't limited to Texas....I need a lesson in your new perspective :-P

k o w said...

Sounds like you need a tall glass of Cherry Limeade with a sangria chaser. Rock on.

Shan'Chelle said...

LOL don't you know it KOW. I don't know about the cherry limeade, but I maybe I will be up for trying it after drinking everything else in the bar this weekend :-) By the way mom, I'm just kidding....sort of :-)

LeMorse said...

Just a quick note. I haven't said shit about the "info" you knew that I never told you in months and months. So if someting hapened recently about that I don't know. I washed my hands of that nonsense a while ago.
I don't tell anyone you are crazyor psychotic, what purpose would that serve me or the situation at all?
As for avoiding you. Yes at Susan's party I avoided you because when you walked in you seemed to not want to talk to me. So rather then forcin a situation that could have been uncomfortable I did avoid it. No big deal, if people don't seem to wantto talk to me, I don't talk to them.
As for stalking, I don't know or think that was directed at me (considering you mentioned my name s late in the message) because I don't say that about you. Again what would that do to help any situation.
Only thing I have told people about you lately was that I thought it was really cool of you to text me to remind my about HOUSE because how much that show meant to us.

Shan'Chelle said...

You have called me crazy to other people when you didn't know I was around to hear it. As for susan's party I was avoiding you because of how you were acting. I didn't want to ruin susan's birthday so I avoided the table of people whispering and staring at me. Oh and the best part was when I walked out of the bathroom and heard someone say my name only to see you roll your eyes and shake your head. That was cool. As for the stalking I was asked why I don't just leave you alone because you were saying that you only respond to me after I text you 10 times which indicates I'm a stalker. Either way, not a big deal...I am learning to let it go.

LeMorse said...

1> The table was not whispering or staring at you. We were whispering yes. Because what we were saying was unimportant to the tables near us.
2> I rolled my eyes yes. At the amlount of crap (gross crap mind you) that was in thatbag youhad Christina toss onto my table. (Sidnote: I didn't know honey could get tht color)
3> The comment about texting was said MONTHS ago. And it was said because you wold text meabout 10 time and then I would get a chance to respond to you. Recently you have texted me about HOUSE and I respond right away. In fact you stumped me on a quote just this last tuesday.
There has been a lot of mis-info and OLD info floating around lately as if it were current and fact. It is neither. I am sorry if this has gotten to you as well. This rumor mill has been running overtime lately and I for one am reading to just wash my hands of th people who continue thes stupid rumors.
Hope your day is going great.

Shan'Chelle said...

I am sorry that I did not make clear that some of what I wrote had been festering inside me for many months and I just finally allowed myself to let it out. No rumors have been said to me about you. People do have opinions about their friends and loved ones when they are worried about them because we as a human race are judgemental even when we don't want to be, however, nobody has been viciously spreading any rumors about you to me.