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Friday, May 06, 2005


I found a link to this weird site and this is what came up for my name...WEIRD!

Googlism for: shanda

shanda is a single mother of one teenage daughter and grew up in davie county where she has strong family support
shanda is a musician herself
shanda is governed by a council of chiefs that sits in roghara
shanda is when it's their turn to take part in the slippery salmon relay race
shanda is in a special ed
shanda is much better with her walking and balance now
shanda is connected to the following things
shanda is connected to because
shanda is doing the layout to this and all that stuff
shanda is a jingle dress dancer and loves to sing back up
shanda is a beautiful 25 year old young woman who is following in her moms footsteps and is working in the human resourses
shanda is an optimistic story that celebrates african social and cultural values
shanda is an undergraduate microbiology at michigan state
shanda is the guardian of my guest book
shanda is fast
shanda is an automotive customer service representative who is just beginning her tenure with pritchards and
shanda is a budding seamstress and a master at embroidery
shanda is the mother of brittany and "magic" the dog
shanda is a sophomore and has cats and dogs
shanda is passionate about her career in film and highly motivated to always do her best work
shanda is 28 and
shanda is a full
shanda is copyright 2000 to shanda fantasy arts
shanda is still around after all these years and publishing changes
shanda is a drama student at the university of saskatchewan
shanda is almost 19
shanda is survived by her mother
shanda is working for arthur chapman and married eric during the summer of 1999 and is happily living in long lake
shanda is a 20 year old knockout from new orleans
shanda is also trying to sit next to me
shanda is a junior and family and
shanda is currently tenth on the school's career list with a
shanda is the other member of the group
shanda is at 19 weeks and counting
shanda is a film based on mtukudzi's life and produced by some of the best filmmakers in the zimbabwean film industry
shanda is hosting this international presidential forum
shanda is working at the royal bank call center in moncton
shanda is the new kid in town
shanda is shown here on a recent visit to wings park
shanda is currently expanding its distribution catalogue with unique productions with a particular focus on science
shanda is a pioneering project of cross culture
shanda is a very long cat in everything
shanda is the recreation therapy program coordinator at virginia mason medical center and has a small recreation therapy consulting business
shanda is going to kick me in the nuts too when she finds out that i wussed
shanda is a great singer and a wonderful person
shanda is a camp counselor from logan
shanda is executive coordinator of the committee on local arrangements for the 214th general assembly
shanda is doing a fabulous job and her enthusiasm is off the charts
shanda is a year and a half younger than me
shanda is not gone
shanda is a player who is in a position to make big strides
shanda is a welcomed edition to our team
shanda is like my best friend and no one does that
shanda is special
shanda is a truckstop waitress and all
shanda is stated as the second son of lord shiva and parvati
shanda is the daughter of karen larsen
shanda is beholden to its local chaosan
shanda is now retired from breeding and living a spoiled life of luxury
shanda is a cool girl and you should spend as much time with her that makes you happy
shanda is working on a proposal for a state
shanda is now an interpreter for a young def boy in bartlesville oklahoma
shanda is 15 and brittany is 13
shanda is giving leadership to that team for the time being
shanda is taller than you" or "shanda is taller than me"
shanda is a professional tennis player who at one time was ranked sixth in the world
shanda is looking forward to trading some commuting time for family time when el dorado ventures
shanda is trying to get herself free
shanda is about to ask her next question when the doorway of the room seemingly explodes again
shanda is a joni and friends staff member
shanda is aiding in the band dept
shanda is not a real dry boat i was drenched but the ride was worth it"
shanda is actively involved in extracurricular activities including
shanda is both a receptionist for specialty orthopedics
shanda is laughing and her smile is even bigger
shanda is going to be okay
shanda is
shanda is considered as one of the sons of shiva and parvati
shanda is setting the table and mom's in a quiet corner
shanda is fantastic
shanda is a member of the uncw alumni asso
shanda is trying despretly to come up
shanda is an english
shanda is so close to me that i call her my sister
shanda is circles
shanda is 3
shanda is eating me up from the inside and here you are
shanda is a lady of many attributes
shanda is a super employee
shanda is a fundamental jewish trait

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Maria said...

Interesting. I'm going to have to try this out!