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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's in the stars for Feburary

For me and my fellow aquarians it is going to be an exciting month according to Verizon Wireless' mobile astrology zone. Read on if you interested in finding out what is supposed to happen for me. I'll post at the end of the month to tell you how it actually turned out.

Part 1:

February finds you ready to break out of your box, try new things, and upset the apple cart. GOOD! That's always your best role in the scheme of things, o this month, as they say, "Let you be you." You'll be feeling strong and confident, for th Sun, Neptune, and Mercury will be in Aquarius. You'll be able to show the full range of your vision too, and even if others don't always understand, they will sense that you are on to something.

The new moon that fell recently on January 29th was in aquarius, an important moment in your timeline, for it will surely open an exciting new path. As you begin February, that powerful new moon will still bring you plenty of passion and might, and will encourage you to scale new heights. With so many planets stacking up in Aquarius at the start of February, luck is on your side. You won't have to choose just one area of your life to concentrate on either - in this rar environment, almost ALL areas will glow brightly.

While you have such a strong sense of authority, present your plan and move your troops forward. Act like the pathfinder that you wereborn to be! There's no reason to second guess yourself - dispel naysayers and follow your intuition.

If you were born on January 29th, your coming year will be an unusually vital one for you.for you are about to start a new chapter in your life. In fact, for you, your birthday year to come could serve as a benchmark from which you measure future years. To host a new moon on the anniversary of your birth is considered very rare and special.

At the same time, Mars created a dichotomy between your home and professional life creating a tug-of-war between the two. No matter what you did, you felt like you were shortchanging the other one. That created inescapable tension, and only you know how successful you were in balancing the two. When Mars exits Taurus on February 17, this home-and-family area will finally calm down. You will feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. The ever-present tension you had to learn to live with will be dispelled. Whew!

All the good news has and will continue to emanate from your career zone. If people back home felt relegated to second place in your life, it would be understandbale. Still you probably correctly sensed that you had a tiger by the tail and you could not take your eyes off your projects at work. So much of what you had worked so hard to achieve over the past years was finally coming to fruition. Somehow, you had to keep the people at home patient.

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