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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Good things happen in groups of three!

Figured it was time for a couple pointless blogs using quizzes and such that I have found on other sites. Thanks to all who have contributed to my laziness :-)

Three ways that I am stereotypically female
1. I'm romantic.
2. I am ALWAYS late.
3. I'm nurturing.

Three ways that I am stereotypically male
1. I hate to shop.
2. I fall asleep in front of the TV
3. The way I drink!

Three names I go by
1. Shan
2. Shaunda
3. Ladybug

Three parts of my heritage
1. Bohemian
2. Native American
3. Irish

Three physical things I like about myself
1. My eye color (hazel green)
2. My butt (thats one thing I don't care about being big!)
3. My fingers

Three physical things I don’t like about myself
1. My stomach
2. My thighs
3. My teeth

Three things that scare me
1. My grandmother's house at night
2. Being alone
3. Love

Three of my everyday essentials
1. Internet (DSL oh how I miss you!)
2. Prozac
3. Food (HA! I didn't get to be who I am by starving myself)

Three LIES
1. I am a patient person.
2. I am a size 1.
3. I am a morning person.

1. I am a good listener.
2. I want to be "found".
3. I am much harder on myself than anyone else could ever be.

Three things I want in a relationship
1. Trust
2. Loyalty/Faithfulness
3. Laughter

Three physical things about men that appeal to me
1. Nice eyes (glasses are great)
2. Facial hair (not too much)
3. Fantastic A$$

Three of my favorite hobbies
1. Reading
2. Seeing theatre (preferrably not BAD theatre but you get all kinds!!)
3. Sleeping

Three things I want to do really badly now
1. Go have another drink.
2. Move to Seattle
3. Make one in particular so long as they are a good kisser

Three careers I’ve considered
1. School Teacher
2. Phone Sex Operator
3. Nurse

Three places I want to go on vacation
1. Canada
2. France
3. England

Three things I want to do before I die
1. Own my own house
2. Save people's lives
3. Have children

Three celebrity crushes
1. Johnny Depp
2. Hugh Jackman
3. Ewan McGregor


Avery's mom said...

ok, i'm just stopping you at #1
being romantic is not only a female atribute. Men can be romantic's this idea that they arent that allows for them to skate by......
bring on the love, allow mushy words to flow, show us how your feel men!

Avery's mom said...

er...HOW you Feel men

i got carried away with passion (which men can have as well)

k o w said...

Three physical things about men that appeal to me
1. Nice eyes (glasses are great)
2. Facial hair (not too much)
3. Fantastic A$$

I'm 3 for 3 but I only wear the glasses to read and to talk to women who call me for phone sex.

NewYorkMoments said...

I HATE to shop, too!

Shan'Chelle said...

Robyn - I agree that men can be romantic but stereotypically it is considered a feminine trait....just like woman can fall asleep in front of the t.v. and there are some men who do not hate to shop, etc.

Fuggo - Come to find out you are my perfect man. I almost packed up and moved to PA when I found out about the hockey....and just out of curiosity why do you need glasses for phone sex???

NYM - I don't understand the appeal of shopping. I go to the store, get what I need, and very rarely stray from my path. My mom asks me "did you pick me up anything from the store" and I am confused because she never told me to look for anything so I didn't. (shrug)

k o w said...

To read the scripts silly.

Shan'Chelle said...

You mean you fake it? Hmmm...that would be so much easier I should consider that! :-P I thought it was against the rules to fake it...

Cjristina said... much fun to take off. Like losing all inhibitions. And SHOPPING sucks....& snowballs when you're tight on money.

Cjristina said...

BTW you're not always late. I know of two instances where you were early.

1. The most recent was your hair appointment. Unfortunately for you the stylist was running late.

2. Long time ago we went to the movies on fact rather early. OK hideously early since both of us had forgotten to turn our watches or our car clocks back. So not like me and so like you. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you, whatever time, you make it this weekend.

Cjristina said...

Actually, I guess that was supposed to be turned forward...GOD I can't remember anymore. IS the brain cell freezing like my phone? Help.

Annie said...

Shanda darling where have you gone?? No new posting in such a long while...

NewYorkMoments said...

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Shan'Chelle said...

Cjristina - and glasses also lend some flair to the karaoke whore's least in their mind :-) And you are right, those two are exceptions to the rule of my lateness!

Annie - Thanks for the thought....I'm back for now :-) I read your blog about the accident, how awful! I am so surprised I was not in a car accident when I lived in Sac-to....I left that up to the Walrus I guess.

NYM - Happy Turkey day to you too!